Paula's Almost Home...

Paula was able to spend some time at her home on Antwerp St. She is now working hard to get back there again.

She is currently at the Neuro Rehab Center in Worcester and getting lots of therapy but would love visitors. Her address to visit her or send a card is
59 Acton St, Worcester, MA 02161

She still has her cell phone and will call back if she misses your call.

We have taken down the “Helping Paula” Facebook page. We will however have occasional updates available here and will let people know as soon as we do the exact date of her moving in.

We want to thank everyone who made the Helping Paula Facebook page work so well for Paula. It's been a long road and so many of her family and friends have been instrumental in helping her all along the way.

There would have been no “Helping Paula”, or this website, without the hard work of everyone that helped our committee since its inception, over two years ago. Everything we did is a testimonial to Paula's friends and family, who pulled together, did lots of PR, got the website up, and raised the money that brought her back to Boston. They then organized and put on amazing events, gathered items for auction, created beautiful promos and artwork and did all they could to help her get the best possible care. Paula has been very fortunate to have so much support from so many directions.
Thanks again to everyone for their help.
With great appreciation,

Terri, Missy, Rene, Terry and Jen

Please read Denis Campbell's story on Paula at: UK Progressive Paula's story

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